Hello World! :)

Hi there! I’m in the process of giving my site some much needed TLC. Again.

Here’s what I have planned:

  • Updated About me section ✔
  • Updated CV ✔
  • Contact me
  • New theme (WIP)
  • Migrate content from old site and tumblr ✔
  • Publish already written content ✔

I decided to stop using Drupal since it was kind of overkill for what I had in my site. I’ve been developing web apps in Python and Flask lately. Flask is a micro-framework for web applications (I found that it was easier for me to learn than Django) and it uses Jinja2 as the templating engine.

Looking for something easier to use, specifically some platform that I could write my posts in Markdown or maybe ReST, I gave Pelican a try. So far, I’m liking it! :)

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My Django project setup

This is a continuation of the series of posts on my workflow with Django. I am writing as a means of documenting my work, but feel free to follow it you find it helpful.

This is loosely based on the Django tutorial from here. This tutorial uses the 1.5 ...

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