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I have completely abandoned my site for the past few months. :(

I have been working like crazy, burning my eyelashes studying and I’m moving this week. Not much going on, right?

Update: The day night before the spring semester started I had an epiphany and I figured out exactly what I wanted to do as my final project. A little ambitious, perhaps. :P

I decided that I wanted to do a research paper on link analysis algorithms in search engines. Something that catches my attention but that knew almost nothing (compared to all there is to know).

My professor liked it although she was a little worried about what I might be able to accomplish given the time restraint (~5 months). So was I.

I bought some really good books on Amazon (acording to some reviews I read on the internet) and started reading like crazy. Afterwards, I did some writing.

Right now, because of the UPR strike, the semester hasn’t ended and neither has my project. It seems that Murphy’s law wanted to bite me. By now, I have altered my experiment (which I will explain in a future post) about 4 times because I find out that I did something wrong (lets not even count all the times I have repeated it). At this moment, I am changing my code so that it will work for all the queries and not just the one I was using to test.

I’ll explain it a lot better in a next post (hopefully soon). Also, I’ll post some of the data.

Also, I’m planning on giving the site a makeover.

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