My first week at Purdue is coming to an end. I have found out some tips from other students that I will share.

It’s usually simple and mundane tasks that no one tells you where or how to get done that give you a hard time figuring them out. So here it goes:


You have a printing quota. To me it’s like magic because I still don’t fully understand how it works.

There are some computer labs in Lawson in the basement where there are printers. It took me a week and a half (including orientation week) to find out where I could print something!


You can make photocopies at the libraries. I was recommended to go to the one in the Math building (3rd floor).

You use your Purdue credentials to login to a machine near the entrance (in front of the water fountain) and you can load money to your account (ONLY CASH). Once you have money in your account, then you can go to the printer (they only have one there) and login in the little screen to the right and then you can start making copies.

Voilà! :)

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