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Next semester I need to do my final project. It could either be an investigation on some topic related to CS that I pick or it can be some program that I develop. I need to decide this semester what it is exactly that I am going to do so that I can get a head start on it.

I would love suggestions! This is what I have thought about so far or some people have suggested to me:

  • Improve the ICS project I did last year
    Pros: It could end up being quite decent, more usable, and not so toy looking?
    Cons: I want to do something different.

  • Make/improve a Drupal module
    Pros: It would be cool to give back to the community. :)
    Cons: That does WHAT? -__-

  • Make a mobile app for Android
    Pros: It might give me bragging rights with my friends. haha
    Cons: That does WHAT??? -__-

  • P2P search engine (it would use decentrilized hash tables)
    Pros: Very interesting idea. A friend of mine (he’s actually a professor at another university) suggested this. He might be able to help/mentor me.
    Cons: TONS of research!

  • Course management system (enrolling and that kind of stuff)
    Pros: Easy.
    Cons: Lame.

  • GUI front-end to our already existing enrolling system (it sucks right now)
    Pros: Some people will love me.
    Cons: Not very impressive on a grad school appliccation

Any other suggestions? Did you like any of these? Feedback is much appreciated.

Subjects that interest me for grad school (I would like to go all the way to a PhD):

  • algorithms
  • algorithm optimization
  • artificial intelligence
  • networks

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